Managing Change

Managing Change
How do you manage the speed of change that is happening around you each day?

Everything we used to do with people has now moved ‘online’ – I am reminded of a Facebook story of the lady who entered a bank and wanted £10. She was told that she must use the cash machine. The lady refused and asked for all her money from her account. The bank teller gasped and said I cannot give you £300k so the lady asked for £3000 – long story short she received the money pocketed £10 and paid £2900 back into the bank there and then!
Service and understanding costs NOTHING – we are accepting that Artificial Intelligence rules our current World and we should do what we are told.

Here is another way that we are losing communication and connection with our fellow human beings. Dealing with the World through the little screen in our pocket.

Managing Change is all about enabling ourselves to navigate our World no matter what comes up for us. To balance connecting with the online presence of everything!
Managing Change encourages us to show up in the World as ourselves – for ourselves and not for the benefit of others.

Join my Managing Change programme and start your own revolution – find your best self because you want to not because you have to!
Are you ready to put yourself first so you can shine brightly in your life and be seen and heard for who you really are.

1 full day Course with others followed by 3 1:1 sessions to move yourself forward with ease £300 per person

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Date added: 29 August 2023