About The Sussex Life Coach

Hello! My name is Janette Calverley and this is the home of Calverley Communications, in Eastbourne, East Sussex. I am a Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. I specialise in self-development for individuals looking to press the reset button and find their path or brands that need an integration of the brand values and goals from the top down to instil the belief and culture within the company and the supply chain.

MY journey into this Life Coaching arena began when I realised that I had been following the same work and life pattern over and over again. New job, not fulfilling, leave and get another, oops not working try harder; worked harder still not getting there, leave and get another. Does this sound familiar to you or is it happening in another part of your life?

The lesson came however when a colleague at work suffered the sudden loss of a friend. After a week of just helping her be in her space with her thoughts someone asked me "are you in the right job?" I had a lightbulb moment!

At home I laid out all the Thank You cards from previous jobs, where I had helped or supported someone! It had been under my nose all this time. So when I made the change this time it was permanent.

The Sussex Life Coach

If you are ready to take life up a notch and be at your best no matter what comes along, you have made a great decision. Now it's time for some action.

Contact me in the first instance so we can chat about what your future looks like to you and then make an appointment.

Welcome to your transformed future journey!