Stress and the Problems It Causes

Stress and the Problems It Causes
Yes genuinely suffering from stress is a REAL thing!
In this modern 24/7 world I watch as people do not take a Time Out from anything.
I was recently off work with a virus. Doctor said “I can’t give you anything, you just have to work on getting over it” It had all the symptoms of Nora Virus, but nothing happened. I felt weak, tired, agitated and nauseous.
Stress and the Problems It Causes
For two days I sat on the front bench outside my door and watched the people go by, drank tea, chatted to the postman and the neighbours. The strangest things happened, I felt distracted from feeling ill because I was not thinking about anything and I could hear everything; all the birds, not just the seagulls, every car without looking for them and people talking before they reached my front gate.
There was nothing else going on in my head! No worrying, no thoughts about what was for dinner or where the family were, just peace and gratitude for all the wonderful things in front of me!
So, I thought to myself how wonderful! I should do this more often!
Stress and the Problems It Causes
Being a Clinical Hypnotherapist I sometimes forget the power of great meditation and stillness. The life coach in me loves the stillness when a client is in the CHANGE chair and begins to realise that they have everything they need to be a success in their lives!
HOW to relieve Stress?
Find the REAL reason for the stress; break it down and get rid of it, then make a choice for change in your future.
Once you have dealt with the stress the choices will come and deep down we all know the answers to our dilemmas.

What are my 3 top tips?

  1. Do ONE good thing for yourself every day, no matter how small
  2. Write down 3 things you are grateful for each morning
  3. Accept the things you cannot change and move on to what you can change

Most importantly try to;

  • BE yourself – trying to please everyone else will not make you feel any better
  • BE genuine – when you speak truthfully people know
  • BE grateful for all the good things

Do you need more help? Make an appointment for some hypnotherapy to relieve your stress and give you a strategy for management in the future.

Date added: 18 June 2019