Workplace Wellbeing - Returning to Work Post-Coronavirus

Workplace Wellbeing - Returning to Work Post-Coronavirus
Workplace Wellbeing
Wellbeing can have many meanings; for me it’s about ‘the person’ not the job they do, their family, their achievements or targets. Each individual impacts the others in a team if they are having a bad day. If you know WHY they are having a bad day, you can help with the HOW to make it easier for them and their colleagues.
If you are in a pressurised job the ‘ripple’ effect of someone’s bad day can have bigger implications. It is so important that wellbeing is taken seriously and not just a paper exercise.
Workplace Wellbeing - Returning to Work Post-Coronavirus
The current situation
It looks like we are slowly returning to a ‘controlled’ new normal. I have noticed that the emphasis during lockdown has been on people taking responsibility for their own mental and physical wellbeing. Many companies have offered the online services of their Employee Assistance Programme where they can get telephone help if they need reassurance around how they are feeling. There have been increasing amounts of media around COVID 19 safe working environments which have caused some return to work anxiety for employees.

Is your Workplace good for you?
A ‘new’ normal workplace needs to cover not only the Health and Safety of the employee but a wellbeing programme which assists the employer and employee to get the most out of their return to work. Supervision and work place reviewing is not enough.
A combination of wellbeing sessions as an integral part of the day / week will give everyone the opportunity to feel valued from the work perspective and validated that they have needs around balancing the work /life balance.
Workplace Wellbeing - Returning to Work Post-Coronavirus

What does Workplace Wellbeing mean?
A workplace wellbeing service for the future needs to be ‘person centred’ without losing sight of the reason for being at work. A good leader knows exactly what’s going on with their team and leads from a supporting position, empowering their team to take responsibility and lean in when assistance is required.
Showing empathetic qualities and effective listening are great tools and by providing a wellbeing space each week for an employee on site with a varying programme of self care tools will add value to productivity and an awareness and reduction in workplace stress, anxiety and tension.
Does your workplace feel like that?
How do you feel at work? Would you feel better if you had a time/space to let go of responsibility and focus on you as a person? What would it look like for you to resume work recalibrated and focussed knowing that you do have support and genuine compassion in your workplace.

What do I bring to your workplace?
I can provide a wellbeing space and make time for every employee to recalibrate and express themselves in order to work in a better way for them. This simple process adds value to each employee and reduces business absence and increases productivity. The key is balance and opportunity for self expression and personal development.

For further information on how this can effectively be achieved please contact me.

Date added: 29 June 2020