Communicating – what’s really happening?

Communicating – what’s really happening?
Lockdown has created a newly perceived barrier to physically connecting with other human beings that we do not know.

It appears that many of us have literally lost the art of speaking to others face to face and reading / feeling body language to help us use our words effectively.

We have become ‘used’ to getting everything from the World in our phones. The biggest surprise I got was when the fish and chip shops went on Just Eat! Wow I thought what is going on – we don’t even walk round the corner anymore to the chippy! What is going on?

The nearest interaction is a young person ringing the door bell asking for a code number and leaving your meal on the doorstep, they are rushing off to the next front door!
There is still an ‘anxiety’ or ‘phobia’ about returning to the physical workplace. Many people who did not enjoy being in the workplace but loved the job have found ways to stay away and continue working.

There is a lack of ‘water cooler’ chat or distraction with colleagues as the atmosphere upon returning to work post lockdown was one of guarded distancing creating a stilted atmosphere where work and the screen and still no-one to talk to.
Meetings that started on Zoom and other online rooms were very slow to be phased out because it was easier to keep everyone at their desk / in their rooms feeding the ‘detachment’ from workplace reality.

The lockdown created a new ‘acceptance’ that people can work from home and those whose mental health has been affected by ‘return to work’ anxiety have found ways to stay home.
How are you and your teams dealing with workplace relationships – do you have 1:1 sessions or group chats just to deflect from the tunnel of work vision?

Do you need to re-engage with yourself so you can engage with others.

If you want to Manage the Change in the workplace or for yourself I am running Managing Change Courses which include a 1 day intensive group session followed by 3 1:1 sessions, starting in September 2023.

Help bring the best version of yourself to work and to your life.

Date added: 29 August 2023