How are we REALLY Managing Change?

How are we REALLY Managing Change?
Managing Change has been a buzz word for a few years now and actually undertaking a Managing Change course at work made me see myself in a completely different light!
For those who have embraced change and developed skills for managing it and succeeding in an increasingly pressurised environment well done!!
Keeping expectations real, genuinely valuing innovative ideas to keep businesses on track and evolving new income streams are the result of effective change management and co-creation.
Now more than ever a workplace wellbeing plan could be the future game changer. Ensuring that each individual is seen, valued and heard and not just “supervised” will be key to employee satisfaction. Right NOW is the time to recognise and create rather than react to a new working model.
How are we REALLY Managing Change?
There will now be a ‘choice’ for a new way of working; how managers and employers deal with this will define productivity and retention for the future.
At present a prime example of valuing employees is the supermarkets’ role in the current crisis. There has never been a better time to look up, look out and smell the coffee.
In every arena we have to change the focus to CUSTOMER service! I hear the groans already, but many of us have forgotten what makes us prosperous; repeat customers ; loyal customers; happy customers.
If you “change one thing” manage the change in focus to what you can give your customers so that you receive their business. Do not have a presupposition that you KNOW what the customer wants and that goes for your employees too!
Make a plan; sell the plan to your team; get feedback amend the plan and manage the WHOLE of the change.

Date added: 18 April 2020